Everything You Need to Know About Ultra Duration Numbing Creams


What’s so great about ultra duration numbing cream? It works in minutes and gives your clients a great deal of control and comfort during their treatment. You only need to apply Ultra Duration numbing cream a couple of times throughout the procedure to get the most benefits. If you’re considering using it, you can learn more about it in this article.

Ink Scribd numbing cream:

Ink Scribd ultra duration numbing cream is a topical anesthetic designed for tattoos. Its main ingredients are 5% Lidocaine and vitamin E, which work to eliminate pain and promote faster tattoo healing. Despite its name, the cream is not intended to replace the use of prescription medications. You should consult your doctor before deciding to use this product. To help you decide, here are some of the advantages of this product.

Zensa numbing cream:

A topical numbing cream, the Zensa Ultra Duration Numbing Cream is a great option for the temporary numbing of tattoos and permanent makeup. With a three-year shelf-life and 5% Lidocaine, this numbing cream is safe and effective. Its unique formulation contains natural ingredients, including purified water, Vitamin E, and neutral pH.

Uber Numb:

Among tattoo collectors, Uber Numb is an excellent choice for pain relief. The water-based formula contains 5% Lidocaine, a powerful anesthetic. You should apply it about one hour before your tattoo appointment. Applying it thickly and wrapping it in plastic before it dries is recommended. You can get it in two sizes: small and large.

BLT cream:

This lidocaine-based product is a secondary anesthetic and analgesic that can be applied to open skin. It is ideal for paramedical tattooing, microblading, and permanent makeup. Its fast-acting formula is easy to apply and is suitable for all types of procedures. The cream is most effective when applied with a microbrush, and a second layer can be applied to minimize pain.

It’s important to know what size you need. If you buy the wrong size, it won’t work as intended. Also, note which color you want your tattoo to be because the wrong one will not work as effectively. Smart purchasers take the time to research product features before making a purchase. Checking product reviews can help you determine which brand is best for your tattoo. For the best results, use a numbing cream suitable for the tattooing style you have.